Sunday, October 23, 2011

Its Go Time!!!

Wow what a difference a week makes!  A combination of the full moon phase and great NW winds for 7 days helped bring a big influx of new geese into our area.  Our new feathered guests are decoying beautifully and we are starting to put up some good numbers.  The weather is suppose to get colder again this week so if anyone is looking to hunt give us a call because this next weekend should be a good one to get out and shoot some geese. 

Also just a heads up...  The snow geese had another good hatch this year.  If you are wanting to book a spring snow goose hunt with us I'd email us or call us soon because we are starting to book up fast!  Many of the weekends only have one field left so don't wait because I'd hate to see you loose the weekend that you wanted.

Chad Foster
Last Pass Guide Service, LLC

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Almost all our fields are now picked.  We are still waiting on a few corn fields but the good news is all our bean fields are harvested and are huntable.  Thats the good news.  Bad news is with this weather being hot and in the 80's there isn't alot of geese migrating into Rochester but that will change in the next couple weeks.  We usually get a good push of "calender" geese that make their way here towards the middle to end of October.  These birds migrate here regardless of weather.  We are starting to book guys so if you are looking for a fun and enjoyable hunt give us a call.  We'll be honest with you whether we think its worth your time coming for a hunt or not.