Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hunting Has Started

Its hard to believe its already coming up on the end of October and Halloween.  This is by far the best time of year for all of us waterfowlers!  The leaves are colorful and dropping from their trees, crops are coming out at a steady pace and the full moon has brought some much needed "calendar" birds!  I love walking outside in the morning and smelling that crisp cool air.  I think to many people take small things like that for granted in life but not us hunters.  Unfortunately to many people don't take the opportunity to sit in a goose spread and watch a beautiful sunrise like all of us do.  As waterfowlers we get to see and experience some truly amazing sights.
A little recap of the last month.....
We took advantage of the early duck opener and chased around the teal and wood ducks that call SE MN home during the summer months.  Woodies are one of my favorite ducks and I love spending the first couple weeks of the season targeting these birds.  We had some really good hunts and we enjoyed a great buffet of bacon wrapped wood duck and wood duck fajitas! 
The crops have started to come out and we have a few fields ready to rock and roll.  I'd like to thank all of our crew that came out to help.  I say it every year, but Bryce and I are very fortunate to have all of these guys around to help us get our fields up and running!  Thank you to Jeremy, Eric, Dan, Dooby, Adam, Bob and Bob's 2 daughters Ashley and Abby. 
After getting the fields all taken care of we just had to try them out and were pleased to have a couple flocks work in perfect.  The sight of big canandas locked up coming into the decoys never gets old to me.  I'll never be able to get enough of it!
With new geese showing up everyday we are starting to run hunts.  This time of year is when we have some of the easiest and most fun hunts.  I say easiest because whatever flock flies over the field is usually getting shot up.  They aren't quite wise to the game yet and we like to be the welcoming party for them!  October and early November hunting isn't like our December hunts because this time of year you don't see the thousands of geese we do later in the year.  But unlike the wise old December birds, these geese are young and dumb and love to maple leaf all the way down!!! 
We still have openings for this fall but our December weekends are filling up fast.  Give us a call as soon as you can so you don't miss out on the action!  And just a reminder that the spring 2014 snow goose season is coming up and we already have a couple weekends booked solid.  Get your dates booked so you don't miss out on one of the most amazing hunts you'll ever be on.
Hawk with a nice drake woodie
Getting Our North Field Ready
Jeremy and Eric on a great hunt

This mild weather doesn't push a lot of birds down in big bunches but it does allow us to take our little kids out hunting with us.  Sunday was a nice day out and Bryce was able to bring the whole family out for a hunt.  Words won't even come close to describing how excited these kids were when Bryce harvested these 3 geese.  To say they are hooked is an understatement.  Brady (2) and Skylar (8) had so much fun that they were already setting up plans to come out with Bryce this next weekend!  Nothing better than kids enjoying a great hunt!
Brady And Skylar
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