Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

From our family at Last Pass Guide Service to yours, Merry Christmas! We hope your stockings are stuffed with shotgun shells and your Christmas dinner was a goose you shot on a great hunt with us! We hope you had a great time with your family... Now let's get back out after geese! 

The great hunting has continued through the month of December! We are looking to go out with a bang the last 3 days of the season. The goose gods gave us a fresh coat of snow for Christmas and we plan on making the best of the final leg of this 2013 Canada goose season! I have other pics that I would like to post and will do it after the grind of the season is over! Christmas is a great break for the guides and the geese. Our batteries are charged and we're ready and excited to charge through the end. 

A Great Hunt! 21 By 10:30

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's On!

A lot of things have changed since our last Blog update.  The obvious is about 20,000 new geese in town!  Thursday December 5th was a monster migration into Rochester with flock after flock coming in from the north.  We had a really good feeling about Saturday and Sundays hunts but even our expectations were blown out of the water!  We knew hunting would be great with the new geese that we have in town but the hunting was phenomenal to say the least.  There were huge smiles throughout the pits both days.  Saturday morning the low was -6 and usually the geese won't fly until after noon but we were dead wrong on our assumption!  We had geese coming into the decoys while getting the clients settled in at around 10:00 or so.  Nothing lifts the spirits like just getting set into the pits and having 15 giants feet down at 20 yards literally minutes after getting into the field!  We cut 8 out of that first flock and that set the tone for the rest of the day.  We ended up with a 36 bird limit on the day!
Sunday was another curve ball with 2" of snow falling throughout the day.  We were still able to make the geese pay and put a 8 man limit of 24 on the ground by 1:00!  We only had a couple small flocks come in nice today with a lot of pairs, 3 packs and singles doing it nicely.  It was one of those days when the geese would just materialize out of nowhere and then just glide on in.  These two hunts were amazing to say the least.
Unfortunately we did have a group that backed out on Friday afternoon so this left us with some spots open for the weekend.  We called all the clients we could think of to get up here and hunt.  If you would like us to get your name and number for hunts like this give me or Bryce an email or call and we'll put your name on the list.  These hunts will be on a drop of the hat style where we will call you a day or 2 in advance to come up here with us and shoot some!
Our season for Canada's goes until December 28th so there is still a few weeks left to get up here and shoot some of these new geese!  Don't wait because everyday they just get more and more educated to the hunting game here in Rochester.  We look forward to receiving a call from you and putting you on a great hunt. 
Also don't forget that the snow goose season is fast approaching and we already have a couple weekends booked solid.  Don't miss out on a great juvie hatch with a lot of big numbers projected to come this spring!
Kids and Geese... Is There Anything Better?!
Tuesdays Hunt with Russ, Steven and Cole
Saturdays Blood Bath! 36 On the Ground For the Day

Hawk Collecting 1 of the 24 From Sunday
Another Goose Dropping In For It's Last Pass!

Sunday's Crew With the Pile!
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