Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Spring Snows

Even though there are still a bunch of geese in South Dakota, the 2013 snow goose season is over for all of us at Last Pass Guide Service.  This spring had its ups and downs but overall it will go down as the spring that wouldn't quit snowing!  From the first hunts in Missouri all the way through South Dakota we fought through snow storms!  It was physically and mentally draining but we wouldn't want it any other way because this is what we live for!!! 

As for the hunts this year... We had a couple groups that had really tough hunts dealing with cold temps, snow and more snow.  We never had a skunk but did have 2 days with only 2 geese harvested out of the field each day.  On the flip side we had some really good days and a couple phenomenal days. 

I'll try to get some of the pics from Bryce and Mike to post up here during the spring/summer time.  My pics are scattered on 3 different cameras so I'll try to get them all on here soon.

Thank you to all the guys and girls that hunted with us this year!  We appreciate everyone that hunts with us and we hope to see you all again next spring!!! 

Now its time to switch gears and get out fishing for some walleyes and chasing some big old gobblers!

Chad Foster

Tornado Warning!!!

Hawk with a Morning Shoot

Cal and Bob With 23 Adults

John, Chris, Joe in Front and Eric and Mic in Back

Spring Snows Cont.

Working In Tight!

Pictures Like This NEVER Get Old!

Sunrise In the Snow Goose Decoys... Can't Beat It

Both These Groups Had To Deal With Tough Hunting Because of the Weather But they Handled it Like Champs!  Thanks Guys for Understanding!

Setting Themselves Up for a Disaster!


Me and My Boy Hawk