Sunday, December 18, 2016

The End Is Near

It's been a fun 4 weeks since our last Blog. Many great hunts have taken place along with a couple slow days that we'd like to forget about. We had a banner season on mallards out of our fields this November with many big bunches of greenheads decoying beautifully.  It seemed like we shot a handful of ducks every hunt along with geese.  Of course we had some great decoying ducks the week AFTER duck season closed!  Unfortunately for us they received a free pass and walked around the decoys and ate without being disturbed.  It was fun just watching them work down into the decoys. 

Today is Sunday, December 18th and it was a whopping -25 out last night!  The temp did rise up to -9 today but it was way to cold to hunt.  So we took the day off for some much needed rest and we stayed nice and warm while we watched some football.  We only have 17 days left to hunt geese in Minnesota.  With the 2 snow storms we've had and the bitterly cold temps the last week and a half, we've lost a lot of our geese in Rochester.  Its not all doom and gloom for us though.  We have a field that has a good amount of geese feeding next to it so we are managing our hunts and beating up on them a couple times a week.  Instead of burning it up on one great day, we are hoping to have a bunch of good days!  Later this week the temps are supposed to get back to normal and that will get the geese up and moving a little better than this artic cold. 

We have a few openings left for this year.  Give us a call and we'll let you know if the hunting is worth your trip to Rochester or not. 

3 Pack In Tight

30 Bird Shoot

A Quick Limit For Pete And Phil

Single Working In Beautifully

Snowtime Fun!

These Geese Learned Quickly That These Teenagers Shoot On Their High School Trap Team!

Nothing Better Than Snow, Geese and Kids With Huge Smiles!

These Next Pics Are Some November Morning Shoots

I've said it a few times before, but while out hunting we get to see some amazing and funny things.  On this hunt we watched this hot air balloon try to land a half dozen times in the city of Rochester.  It didn't work so they kept coming out and eventually flew just south of our field.  Thankfully we didn't have any geese flying at that time!

Future Guide, Brady, Helped His Dad Bryce Put A 5 Man Limit Of Geese On The Ground And 3 Bonus Mallards On This November Hunt

A Nice Mixed Bag Of Geese And Mallards

Dusty And Austin On A Morning Grind

8 Man limit of geese with 9 bonus mallards.  This hunt was wild with a thunderstorm sneaking up on us and a good amount of lightning and heavy rain.  We just closed the plywood and took shelter in the pits!  It even had pea sized hail that came down on us for a few minutes.  Its the only time I've seen it lightning and then thunder and then we hit the buzzer and killed 5 geese!  It was a crazy hunt!  After the storm went through the birds worked perfect.

We still have some openings left for spring snows.  This is a year that you aren't going to want to miss!  With all the snow and cold we will finally have a good snow line to hold up the geese this next spring.  The last couple years have been such a fast season with nothing holding the birds back.  The snows had a record hatch and that means lots of juvies bringing the major wads of geese all the way to the boot bags!  Give us a call and we'll put you on a great hunt. 

Its time to buckle down and hunt hard the last 17 days of the goose season!!!