Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Snows #3

The pictures keep coming.  I know Mike and Bryce have a bunch of pics too so I'll try to get some from those 2 so everyone can see how great the season was!

A nice 50 bird day!

These 8 made their "Last Pass" and finished right in front of the blinds

Hawk just doing what he does!

Chris, John and Eric with a nice shoot of 38 for the day

We were lucky enough to harvest 3 bands this year.  Congrats John for winning the drawing on this juvie snow!

30 Killed in the afternoon

Mike and Eric calling it a season and bringing in the last of the gear off this field!

Spring Snows #2

Here are a few more pictures from this spring snow season...

A giant tornado that we rained 22 out of!

We added another member to the Last Pass family this year.  Let me introduce you to Hawk, a high energy, retrieving machine!!!

A few retrieves from this spring

Posing for the camera with a nice blue!

A great day with 79 harvested!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Snows #1

Our spring snow goose season has finally come to an end and what a season it was!  I can't remember a snow goose season that was as good as this one turned out to be.  We would like to thank all the hunters that came and helped us make this the best snow goose season we've ever had.  This season was alot different than most with the temps being well above average and the geese cruising north faster than we've ever witnessed before.  The key for us was to move to South Dakota when we did and that helped us keep our guys on the birds. 

Mike, Bryce and myself have a ton of pictures from this spring.  I'll start posting some of my favorites from this past spring and will add theirs when I get them. Keep checking back because there should be 2 or 3 more posts in the next week with more pictures!

My daughter Aubrey gave me this sticker to put on my e-caller box for good luck!  As a proud Irishman I believe it brought me and my guys good hunting this spring!!!  The saying couldn't fit the e-caller any better because the fun does start when we turn on the snow goose sounds.

One of many big flocks working in tight!  This is one of my favorite pics of this spring.

Nothing beats a sunrise during the snow goose season.

A great morning shoot for 3 guys!

Bob and "Decoy" enjoying another great day this spring!

43 bird afternoon shoot

Next 2 pics are from the same day.  Morning harvest was 63.  After lunch the boys went back out and shot 47 to make it a 110 bird day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Latest From Missouri

Finally a Blog update from us!  We apologize for not getting updates out better but our computers don't have good service down here. 

This spring snow season is turning out to be one for the record books!  The birds are working down like we've never seen before in all our years of hunting them.  The adults are usually tough to hunt but this year the juvies are leading them right down to the boot bags! 

I'll try to update again in the future but with all the hunting we're doing and the lack of cell service its tough to do.  When we leave Missouri to head to South Dakota we'll try to update it again with all our pics from this season!  If you want to see more updates check us out on Facebook.

Chad Foster
Last Pass Guide Service, LLC

First Hunt of the Year Went as Planned!

Great Afternoon Shoot with 47 Harvested!

Another Pair Finishing in Tight