Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Time Fun

May is a time for trout and walleye fishing, turkey hunting, mushroom hunting...and SNOW???  Seems like Mother Nature has thrown another curve ball into our spring plans.  I should be out with friends chasing turkeys or catching some nice walleyes on the Mississippi river but instead I'm shoveling sidewalks and building a snow man!  Today I had to check the calender, I thought it was May 2nd but wasn't sure because of the 15+ inches of snow that has fallen so far!  Wow is all that I can say!!!

This is a pic of Hawk's kennel.  Thats his dog house in the center of the kennel.  I had to go out and help my buddy dig out of his igloo!

This is what we should be doing and not shoveling...

A fun hunt for this April tom.  Hoping to see another one hit the dirt this weekend!

I'm hoping for nice weather so I can start on some of our summer projects at Last Pass.  The waterfowl season never stops only the shooting does!  There seems to always be something for us to do.  I hope everyone has a great spring and is able to get out and enjoy every season that the great outdoors can give us!  We look forward to seeing everyone this fall.  Check back soon for more Blog updates.

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