Sunday, November 25, 2012

Latest Hunts

We had an incredible weekend of hunting.  Friday had strong NW winds and it brought in tons of new birds and we were able to be the first to welcome these new geese to Rochester!  Watching these migrators come down all balled up from way up in the stratosphere is nothing short of amazing.  We were able to put one of the flocks in the kill hole with their feet down at 20 yards not once but twice!  There wasn't many survivors out of that bunch.  One of the cooler parts of Friday is we had a couple kids out with us and they were able to harvest their first geese in a field.  Overall it was a great day with good shooting and 23 geese put on the ground!

A Flock Cupped and Committed

Another Flock Almost Ready To Meet Their Maker!

The Welcoming Committee!

Saturday brought light and variable winds in the morning which made hunting a little harder.  We were still able to put a good number of birds on the ground before the South wind picked up for the afternoon flight.  We had a flock of 10 come in and the the guys were able to kill 8 out of the 10.  The best part of Saturday was watching a future goose hunter running around and picking up dead geese.  She didn't stop smiling the whole day which was awesome!  We ended up harvesting 21 geese during Saturdays hunt.

Hawk With Another Rochester Giant

Eric and Chris Having A Great Time

Saturdays End Result of 21 Geese

We are still smashing geese so if you want to get out and shoot a Christmas goose give us a call.  Huntingshould be good the remainder of the year with a bunch of birds still to the north of us.  

Chad Foster
Last Pass Guide Service, LLC

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us here at Last Pass Guide Service would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  We hope you have a great turkey day full of food, family, football and fun. 

Its a great time to regroup as we head towards the last month of the season.  Anyone that has hunted with me knows that I have the mentality of "Go Big Or Go Home" and tomorrow will be one of those days!  Check back on the blog or facebook to see how tomorrows hunt goes.  Its looking to be something special.

Chad Foster
Last Pass Guide Service, LLC