Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Is Here

June is finally here and its starting to feel like spring/summer!  What a wild May we experienced in Rochester with 25 out of the 31 days having some form of rain.  With all the rain it means that alot of farmers have been sitting back waiting to get into their fields.  We should be ok with most our fields rotation being beans this year.  I talk to one of our farmers where the field is corn and he is still hoping to get it in the ground soon.

As for the waterfowl everything seems to be back on track.  The canadas have had their goslings out feeding trying to fatten them up for this fall.  From what I've seen it isn't as bad as what we thought for the hatch.  With the cold weather and late snow storms we were affraid the hatch would be way down but to me it looks normal.  The snows even got back on schedual after spending most of May sitting out snow storm after snow storm in the Dakotas.  They should be getting to their nesting sites anyday now and should start laying eggs sometime in the next 2 weeks.  Lets hope for another good hatch from them!

As for us here at Last Pass...  We've just been enjoying the outdoors and our families.  Bryce ended up shooting a nice turkey in all the snow we had at the beginning of May.  As alot of you know, now he's busy catching MN walleyes.  I've been out fishing a few times but the last 3 weeks have been busy helping friends fill their turkey tags and taking Aubrey and Kelton out gathering morel mushrooms.  Kelton's only 2 so he doesn't quite understand but Aubs is 5 and she is a shrooming machine! 

I hope everyones summer goes well for them.  Its hard to believe but the goose season is right around the corner and we look forward to seeing everyone this fall. 

Chad Foster 



Looking forward to this family visiting us this next November!