Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Only 10 Days!...

With the humid hot weather as of late I'm really missing scenes like this!  There is nothing like a morning of fresh snow and a 10 mph NW wind.  But for now we get to enjoy shooting "summer geese".  Go time starts in 10 days and we are starting to get pretty excited around here.  The Labor Day weekend this year will be spent scouting and getting a game plan for the opener on Sept 6th.  A lot of people don't like hunting geese in Septembers early season because of the heat and bugs.  To tell you the truth I love it!  Hunts are usually done by 8:00 and we usually have our hashbrowns and eggs at the cafĂ© by 10:00.  As for the bugs, its nothing a little bug dope can't take care of!  

Just an FYI to all our snow goose guys...  September 1st is when all remaining unbooked dates are open game.  If you want a certain weekend make sure you get ahold of me or Bryce so you don't lose your spot!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Wow where has the time gone?!  We have had a great summer but now its time to shift our attention away from catching walleyes and start focusing on killing geese.  I've been out the last 2 weeks checking roosts and loafing areas and all I can say is this year looks to be a good one!  I received an email in the middle of July from a friend that helps out the DNR with the banding projects and he told me that there was no shortage of goslings this year and now I believe him.  I hate to wish away the easy hunts of October and the migrator hunts of November but I'm really excited about he late season hunts of December!  I love the snow and cold and big slob geese bowed up coming into the kill hole!!!  Until then I guess I'll have to settle for swatting mosquitoes and shooting geese in September. 
The next few weeks will go by fast as usual and before we know it we'll be hunting geese again! 
Just a reminder to all our members...  Memberships are due by August 15th!  After the 15th they are open to the public so don't miss out on one of the best deals available!!!  For those that don't know what a membership is, its a pass that alloys you to come hunting whenever we are out in the field.  We have a couple guys that hunt 20+ days a year from that pass!  If you are interested in one please contact me or Bryce ASAP.
Last Pass Guide Service, L.L.C.
Chad Foster
My Son Kelton Helping Me Work With Hawk During the "Dog" Days of Summer
Hawk Enjoying Some Cool Water Retrieves On A Hot Day