Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snows Update 2-23-2016

We are hunting in NW Missouri as of right now. We have gotten a lot of calls about birds pushing up into South Dakota and if we plan on jumping with them. Those geese in SoDak are the leading edge adults that we refer to as egg layers. They are brutal to hunt unless you have a good mix of juvies in with them. We have friends down in the bootheel of Missouri that are beating up on the juvies. With that being said and a good amount of birds on Squaw Creek NWR, we are staying put for now. This warm weather has birds strung out from the North Dakota border down to southern Arkansas. The problem with gambling and jumping north to SoDak is its only Feb 23! A lot of snow chances are still out there. We would rather beat up on these happy go lucky juvies than to head north and fight with the adults!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snows Here We Come!

On your marks... Get set... GO!!!  All of us here at Last Pass are ready to point our compasses south and head down to Missouri for some fun in the sun!  We are only days away from starting our "mud and blood tour 2016" and we couldn't be more excited.  With Squaw Creek picking up more and more geese everyday and temps climbing into the 50's and 60's this week, we are excited to get to Mound City and put some stakes in the ground.  It also is a good feeling when a few of our farmers are sending us pictures of their fields that we hunt and they are plum full with geese.  It also makes sitting at home a long and nerve wracking wait.  We are hoping that good things come to those who wait!  

This spring we have so many exciting and new things going on.  Here are just a few.

This spring we have added another set of decoys to our arsenal.  After field testing multiple decoys and trying them last spring we decided to go with FeatherTek Decoys by our good friend Chris Holste.  I can't wait to put these out and watch the geese dump in all the way to the bootbags!

 Also Charlie has been building his latest and greatest rotary machines and we can't wait to add these into our spreads.  From what we saw of them last year, they are durable and easy to set up so that always is welcomed into a sleep deprived snow goose camp!

There will be a rookie dog in camp this year and I think she'll do a good job.  Bryce's dog Josie was with last year but she was still a pup and she was in the way more than she helped!  This year that will change as she transforms from a nagging puppy to a full fledged retrieving machine!  

We've also locked down some new fields that should put up some good hunts this spring.  We still have all our other fields and we are excited to get down there and find a few more for "hot setting".  

This spring is looking to be a nice drawn out season with the egg layers already sitting on squaw and birds strung out down to southern Arkansas.  There should be consistent hunting with birds leaving everyday but then being replaced by new and younger birds migrating in.  Like every year, weather is the number one factor in snow goose hunting.  

We are pretty well booked up but if you are looking to get out of the house because you have cabin fever, give us a call.  We might have an opening for when you can hunt.  

The New FeatherTek Decoy Spread and Blinds