Friday, September 26, 2014

On to the Regular Season!

Unfortunately the Early goose season is over and along with that so is the five bird limit. But with the end of that early goose season brings on the regular season and also the chance to shoot ducks! We closed out the early goose season with a bang. We were able to take advantage of some naïve geese using one of our fields. It was a lot of fun but now I am ready to bring on some new birds with hopefully a little push coming in the next couple of weeks of some new geese.

 I am amazed at how much the leaves have changed color in the last week! It's a true sign that fall is officially here! And with the changing of the season it's time to get everybody's mind on hunting and getting out and bagging some geese! We have a field holding 2 to 300 geese in it daily. Give us a call and we will line you up on a hunt.

 This weekends duck hunting opener looks to be something special. There is a pile of wood ducks around the area with some sprinkling of teal and a handful of mallards. I'm hoping the group that we have going on Saturday throws up a dirty pile!

Another Big Bunch Working Into the Honey Hole

Bryce and Jeremy After the Hunt

Everyone Loves Bands!

I Couldn't Make It Through The Early Season Without Showing One Of Our Many Good September Hunts! 

Good luck to everyone that is going out chasing ducks and geese this weekend! Please be safe shoot straight and enjoy time in the great outdoors with family and friends! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Week 1 recap

The first week of the season is over with and in the books! What a fun and great week it was. We always save the opener for friends and family and this year was no different. We enjoyed a wonderful sunrise and a great flight of geese! Opener brings an excitement like no other. Dogs are full of energy ready to grab the first feathers of the new season, guys are ready to pull the trigger, decoys are finally back out in the field and we are even excited to stubble blinds! It's the best time of the year!!!

Opening weekend was super fun for us because Saturday Bryce was able to take his daughter Skyler out hunting with us. She had a great time and is starting to become a seasoned veteran at decoy setting and picking up! In a few years hopefully she can start guiding for us!!!

Sunday morning of opening weekend I was able to take my three-year-old son Kelton out hunting with me. I had more enjoyment watching him pick up birds then I've had in quite some time! There is nothing like seeing the face of a young child out hunting for the first time! He was so excited to see the geese coming in that even if I told the whole story on this blog page it wouldn't do it justice. It was hilarious having him tell me to shoot them when they were at 100 yards and me having to stop and tell him to let the geese come a little closer! Bryce and I are very fortunate to have children who love the Hunt like Aubrey Kelton Skyler and Brady do!

This early season we have been taking a bunch of photos of the hunts. Every year we take "hero" shots of all the geese we harvested but this year we are trying to show all parts of the hunt.

After the weekend we'll have a bunch more photos!

Stubbling Blinds

The Sun Rises On Another Season!

Bryce and Skylar

Kelton's First Sunrise In A Goose Spread (a Proud Dad!)

Kelton With A Big Goose

Kelton and His Buddy Hawk

Friday, September 5, 2014

Countdown is 1 day!

Less than 24 hours until the goose season FINALLY kicks off!!! A nice cold front came through last night bringing temps back down in the upper 60's and lower 70's with bearable humidity. We have a field all ready and we are just hoping the geese cooperate! For all you that are going out tomorrow, be safe, remember to aim and have fun!