Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hunting Has Started!!!

Early goose season has come and gone and now the crew is gearing up for an outstanding regular season.  At Last Pass the early goose season is a time to hunt with family and friends and just kick back and get some laid back casual hunts in.  This year was a rollercoaster for the hunting and by that I mean it was either really good or really bad.  Overall it was a fun early season and we even got Skylar (Bryce's 7 yr old daughter) and Aubrey (my 4 yr old daughter) out hunting a couple times. 

Aubrey made it out a couple times with me and we had a ton of fun!  I was amazed at how fast she was hooked on goose hunting.  Now her mom has 2 goose fanatics to deal with!  Here are a few more pics of Aubs out chasing geese.  The pic of her and Hawk is one of my favorites!

The opener of duck is always a fun time for me for a couple different reasons.  The first being that we once again get to hunt ducks but secondly I love to head out and chase wood ducks!  I hunt a little pond that is filled with these little colorful waterfowl and like most other years the hunting was excellent.  Eric and I shot our limit of woodies in around 15 minutes. 

I plan on posting more often now that the season is starting to get into full swing.  Waterfowl closes in the SE part of the state until Oct 13th when it reopens.  We are picking up more and more geese in Rochester but the numbers aren't anything to get super excited about.  We are hoping with this coming weeks cooler temps that even more calender birds will push in.  We will be getting some fields ready next weekend during the close so when we reopen on the 13th if birds are using our fields we can get after them.  For the guys that wanted to hunt in Oct I will be calling you if we have a hot field.

Also 2 memberships are still available since a couple guys weren't able to do it this year and had to cancel them.  The weekends in December and late November are starting to fill up so don't wait around to long.

For all of our Spring Snow Goose Hunters...  The time is now to book your dates because we are starting to get alot of calls inquiring about open weekends.  I'd really hate for our guys to lose their usual weekend so get ahold of me or Bryce to reserve your spots.  Its hard to believe but we'll be chasing the white devils before we know it!

We are looking forward to a great season!

Chad Foster