Thursday, January 2, 2014

Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over!

Happy New Year!  Well the season has officially ended on the Minnesota Canada Goose season and what an excellent season it was!  We had a couple of slow days (3 bird day in one of our fields was our worst) but overall it was a fun and successful season.  We would like to thank all the hunters that came out and made this season so much fun for us.  We really appreciate the great hunters that we have come out with us every year. 
Hunting continued to be good this year all the way through the end of the season.  Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th were the last 2 days of the season and we couldn't have asked for better conditions... sun, fresh snow, wind, warm temps and hungry birds!  We ran 2 fields the last 2 days and both fields did well.  Bryce's field harvested 12 Friday and 10 Saturday while my field ended up with 18 Friday and 12 on Saturday.  The hunting was going so good I hated to see it end, that was until this last arctic blast set in with temps at -22 for lows! 
December 21st
The Group Sitting In The Pits
"The Chad" Bringing Back Another One

A Fun 16 Bird Shoot

December 27th
Sarah Bringing Back Her First Goose

What A Great 18 Bird Day!

December 28th
The Last Day of the 2013 Season!

The Sun Setting On The 2013 Goose Season

Fortunately when the sun sets on one season there is a sun rising on a different season!  Spring snows is right around the corner and with the hatch the snows had this last summer we are super excited to get out and chase them!  We do still have a couple spots left for our Mound City, MO location but we are taking calls daily on guys wanting to book.  Hurry up and get in on one of the best sites you'll ever see in the waterfowl hunting world!
Chad Foster