Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snows Update 2-23-2016

We are hunting in NW Missouri as of right now. We have gotten a lot of calls about birds pushing up into South Dakota and if we plan on jumping with them. Those geese in SoDak are the leading edge adults that we refer to as egg layers. They are brutal to hunt unless you have a good mix of juvies in with them. We have friends down in the bootheel of Missouri that are beating up on the juvies. With that being said and a good amount of birds on Squaw Creek NWR, we are staying put for now. This warm weather has birds strung out from the North Dakota border down to southern Arkansas. The problem with gambling and jumping north to SoDak is its only Feb 23! A lot of snow chances are still out there. We would rather beat up on these happy go lucky juvies than to head north and fight with the adults!