Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017 Snows

Well another spring snow goose season has come and gone and like all the others this one had its ups and downs.  Overall everyone had enjoyable hunts.  Some hunts were tough, especially a week in Missouri, and then we had quite a few hunts that were amazing!  South Dakota was a fun time this year with only a little mud to play in instead of the usual 8 inches of slop that we usually have!  Missouri was slower for the second straight year.  The warm winter we experienced really took a toll on the Missouri hunts by keeping the birds more spread out than on a normal year.  The snows seamed to roll through Northwest Missouri and didn't really stop for more than a couple days.  It was weird, we would have a great day with a huge push of birds and then the next day we wouldn't see much of a flight.  It was a fast migration unfortunately but that usually means that the geese get back up to the breeding grounds faster and we usually have a good hatch!  Hopefully they don't get hit with any nasty weather this May and June.

Bryce and I need to say a big thank you to our hard working crew.  These guys bust their butts and go off little sleep and lots of coffee and Redbull!  The list of guys include Charlie, Bob, Trevor and Reid.  Each guy brings something different to the table and that helps us out tremendously. 

We also need to say a BIG THNAK YOU to all the hunters that come and hunt with us.  We realize that there are endless snow goose guides that you all can choose from and we are honored and happy that you choose us!  Through the good hunts and the not so good hunts you choose to come back year after year and we appreciate that! 

This was our 10th spring at Last Pass guiding snow goose hunts and throughout the years we've seen quite a few things change.  We are constantly adapting to stay on top of these geese and this coming year is no different.  We have a couple new things up our sleeves that we believe our clients are really going to like.  Its hush hush right now but the cat will soon be let out of the bag!

Just a reminder to everyone.  All returning hunters have through August to reserve your dates and get your deposit in.  Then September 1st it opens up to everyone.  We had a couple groups this last spring get burned by not reserving their dates and getting their money in asap.  Also just a reminder that you have 2 weeks after you reserve your dates to get your deposit in. 

We've put away all the snow goose gear and now its time to get the boats ready for some much deserved walleye and crappie fishing with the families.  Besides fish there are also turkeys gobbling and soon the morel mushrooms will be popping!  Get out and take advantage of all that mother nature has to offer!    

Grilled Snow Goose and Asparagus  

A Great Start To The Morning!

Coldest Hunt Of The Year

Snows In The Snow

Josie With A Rusty Headed Snow

An Average Snow Goose Hunt

Get Ready, Here They Come!

Bryce has Josie, Charlie has Dee but I've got the coolest dog at Last Pass!  Hawk is one cool dog!

A Great Morning Hunt

Geese feeding on the Big Hill all around the decoys during this hunt